Below are some kind words from just a few of the thousands of customers we’ve had the honor of serving over the past 30 years!

These folks are wonderful. They are far nicer and more accommodating than even the dealership when I've taken in brand new cars. Moto-medic does excellent work, and they stand behind it. I've brought vehicles here for years and everyone I've ever had contact with has been professional, knowledgeable, and responsive. They are always willing to go the extra mile to save me money by making sure I get the best value on parts. On a few occasions they have even finished early and under the estimate amount. That is certainly a pleasant surprise when it happens! How many people can say these things about their mechanics? I highly recommend Moto-medic, and I would never go anywhere else.. Jennifer R., Lake Orion, MI

I can't say enough good things about this place. They took the time to find out what was wrong with the car - it had been looked at by others twice before and kept leaving my teenager stranded. It was covered under warranty someplace else and they coordinated everything with the other shop and even dropped it off there for me. I would highly recommend this repair shop. Owner was fantastic and very responsive. Mike L., Lake Orion, MI.

Was buying a used car in Lake Orion, but I'm from out-of-town. Wanted to take it to a mechanic for a vehicle inspection, but couldn't take it all the way back to my own. I cold-called a mechanic, and it ended up being Moto-Medic; what a stroke of luck!

Don't be fooled by the run-down appearance or the (lack of) quality of cars that were in the lot, at least the day I went - Moto Medic knows their stuff. They found some very subtle, cautionable things on the car I was looking at.

The best part, though, was their thorough explanations and helpful answers to my questions. The mechanic walked through everything he'd found with me, pointing out how you could tell where paint had been redone, where a rim had been replaced.  When I returned to the dealer, I had a couple follow-up questions and over the phone they answered thoroughly and graciously. I wish that I lived closer to Lake Orion and Moto-Medic; I would become a regular of theirs!
Jeff O., Royal Oak, MI

Awesome service. My sister went here first. They did an awesome job. I had fuel leak. I was prepared for a $500 repair. $40 and out the door. I love you guys! Nancy S., Lake Orion, MI

We have been taking our family vehicles there for about a year now. Lots of repairs when the teens have old cars!  They have been very helpful at helping us decide the priority of repairs when multiple are needed. They have told us what can wait and what shouldn't, for safety's sake. I feel like they have been honest and competent.  Several times I've asked for rides to or from there, always provided with a smile. Kelly E., Oxford Charter Township, MI

Good shop. These guys are honest. I had a repair that could have been done, but it wasn't needed at the time and they told me instead of ripping me off. Matt S., Lake Orion, MI

Moto Medic has won my business for car repair. After hearing a noise coming from my engine and contacting multiple places about it, only Moto Medic gave me a common sense suggestion about what it could be and recommended I check something before I bring it in for a diagnosis. When the check engine light came on afterward, they were fair with pricing, kept me appraised of what was going on with my car, and even let me know of a "not-urgent" issue that my car has, without being pushy to get the additional repair done. They completed the work on time and the car runs great. I would highly recommend them to anyone needing engine work on their car. Jeff M., Lake Orion, MI
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1250 S Lapeer Rd.
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